Look for Consumer Reviews

Choose the right insight source

At MASSIVE, we believe companies can only thrive by putting the consumers’ voice at the core of their action and strategies. But companies need to listen to the right voice.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence reads and understands every single consumer review in your market, transforming them in datasets of unparalleled granularity and precision, that provide powerful insights about the performance of every product/service.

Consumer reviews are the most powerful resource ever

Consumers write millions of spontaneous reviews everyday.
Their first-hand experiences are described more accurately and reliably than any market research questionnaire can ever be,
and they are a trusted advice influencing the purchase preferences of millions of consumers, both in store and online.

In the US only:

Analyze Consumer Reviews


82% of the population reads online reviews when buying something for the first time



51% of the population actively posts online reviews



42% of the population uses mobile phones in store to read reviews

*(2016 Pew Research Center Online Shopping and E-Commerce Survey)
Consumer Journey

Consumer Reviews are the true key to the consumer journey

Social Media only play a small part in the Consumer Journey. When it comes to making purchase decisions, people don’t go on Twitter or on Facebook; they look for consumer reviews instead. By focusing on them, MASSIVE’s datasets provides a unique and  unprecedented opportunity to monitor on the most relevant and influential part of the purchase process, where true insights are available.

Actionable business insights, delivered

At MASSIVE we know that you don’t have time to learn how to use another data software platform - however amazing it is. We believe you need to focus on insights, not data analytics.
That’s why our datasets are designed to provide you with immediate answers to drive your business decisions, regardless the way you want them delivered:

Online Dashboard


24/7 access to the most comprehensive performance analytics dashboard ever created for your market, tailored on your specific needs.

Online Dashboard


Our analysts prepare accurate reports to highlight the most important insights, delivered quarterly or monthly, according to your needs.



Get direct access to our data for maximum flexibility.

Product Performance

Product Performance

Detailed SKU-level performance benchmarking across a variety of consumers-relevant  factors.

Brand Health


Brand performance based on actual consumer experience, not on superficial social commentary.

Price Positioning


Monitor e-commerce prices and optimize your pricing strategy based on consumers’ feedbacks.

Channel Strategy


Discover how consumers’ behavior and Brand strategies differ across e-commerce channels.

Online Dashboard


Make your communication strategy more effective thanks to consumers’ needs and language.

One data solution, many applications

Our Consumer Reviews Analytics can be successfully applied to business strategy in many ways: