Look for Consumer Reviews

Accurate market data acquisition and segmentation.

Our proprietary technology takes a complete census of hundreds of thousands of products in every category. Then it organizes them into proper market hierarchies and segmentations so that you can compare apples with apples.

100X better consumer insights than with conventional text analytics.

Our proprietary AI relies on a revolutionary geometric approach that solves conventional text analytics tools' semantic ambiguity problems, resulting in 100x more (and better) consumer insights.

Analyze Consumer Reviews

Actionable business insights at your fingertips.

We know you don't have time to learn another data software platform - however fantastic it is. You need to focus on insights, not data analytics. With our platform, you will get immediate answers to drive your product innovation strategy:

Online Dashboard


Tens of data views to answer every burning question you have, tailored to your specific needs.

Online Dashboard


Ask our analysts your most burning questions, and get extensive and thorough reports that provide immediately actionable answers.



Connect our data pipeline to your BI for maximum flexibility.

One insights platform, many applications:

Product Performance

Product Optimization

Analyze what consumer needs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of every product.

Brand Health

Online Performance

Take advantage of the most accurate Online Market Share available to assess the real sales potential of products and trends.

Price Positioning


Identify the perfect price point that maximizes the sales and margins of your products.

Channel Strategy


Identify winning distribution strategies and optimize your assortment for every Retailer.

Online Dashboard

Segmentation & Trends

Identify market-defining trends and map the hunting ground to align your next innovation with the future.